New Improvements in Sonar

The last couple of weeks have been busy. As usual, we have been getting lots of great feedback from our customers, investors, partners and potential partners. We’ve also been very busy writing code. Here’s a summary of the improvements to the platform:

  • A new Analytics page! Look for the Analytics link on top of your Sonar screen.
  • The sidebar now sorts customers – customers that have been waiting the longest appear on top.
  • The sidebar keeps it’s previous position as you select a customer, as well as in-between pages.
  • You can now search for customers by their name (or a part of their name), or their phone number. When searching for customers by their phone numbers, use whatever format you like – with dashes, without das    hes – it does not matter.
  • Editing customer phone numbers works properly now.
  • In the Sonar API, we fixed the phone_numbers/available call so it now returns JSON and can be called from the browser.
  • Updates to the interface to make everything fit in better.
  • And, handful of back-end fixes to make things run smoother.

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