New features! Canned Responses and Away Messages!

This week, we’re releasing two big new features – canned-responses and away-messages! Also, better analytics and the usual under-the-hood tweaking to make things smoother.

But back to the big ones: Canned-responses. Like any business, if yours gets a lot of the same questions, it becomes tedious to type out the same answer over and over again. And so, we’ve created a dead-simple way to create and used canned-responses! Here’s what it looks like:

The creation page: create

To use a canned-response, just type ##, scroll-down and press tab! Also, just like the creation page, we now support {{ to quickly fill in profile properties!insertuse

The other one – away-messages! Often, customers like to send a text-message with the expectation to receive an immediate response. If your business is closed during evenings and weekend, you can now inform your customers that someone will reply to them as soon you’re open for business again!


You can try these and all other Sonar features by signing up for a free account here.

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