Susie takes the worry out of meal-planning. Just text her!

We’re excited to see more companies using SMS to deliver high-touch, personalized experiences.

tldr; Go to, give Susie your phone number, and let her take care of your meals. She’ll take care of everything by SMS!

Susie seems like yet another food delivery service, but how many services learn about you and what you need to eat? Susie is all about making those nights where you can’t decide what to eat, disappear. There’s no app, there’s no menu, there’s no choosing and thinking about what you want.

Susie asks you about your dietary preferences over a few text messages and then you’re good to go. She delivers food of all different kinds, all high quality. She’ll even make sure that you don’t eat the same thing day after day!

What really happens after you give Susie your phone number? Check this out:

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When it’s time to pay, Susie accepts payments using a very simple step using Stripe. All of this felt wonderfully seamless, quick, and highly personalized. She even sends you a friendly reminder when your meal is on its way!

At the moment, Susie carefully gathers and delivers meals prepared by other vendors, but soon, she plans to deliver food prepared by her. Susie’s team uses Sonar to manage all customer communication and information.

Fish Tacos

That looks delicious – that’s my friend’s meal. When my meal arrived, I ate it before I had a chance to take a picture.

The service is currently in closed-beta. To sign up, go to Tell her that Sonar sent you!

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One thought on “Susie takes the worry out of meal-planning. Just text her!

  • Kari Jo – absolutely beufitaul. I feel so blessed that you have captured all of our major milestones as a family from engagement to baby. I cant wait for future sessions!December 9, 2011 9:16 pm

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