How to Use 2-way Text-Messaging to Become a Leader in Hotel Concierge Services

There’s a great article by Holly Stiel called The Ingredients for a Great Concierge. There has also been much news lately about large hotels texting: the Marriott and Hyatt embracing text messaging. Let’s talk about how you can take advantage of text messaging to get ahead of the pack.

But first, why – why should you be texting?
Because more than 90% of people between 30 and 50 send texts on a regular basis. If they can text you, then they probably will. In many situations, sending a text is far more convenient – late at night when people are sleeping, and when it’s too noisy to talk on the phone.

If patrons could text you, then they won’t be waiting in line or on hold. It beats having to learn a new app, or try to navigate a new website. They’ll text you like they text their friends.

In an increasingly global environment, your patrons are often visitors from foreign countries. Their ability to read and write in English (or your local language) is often far better than their ability to participate in a verbal conversation.

Build a strong, personal relationship
Ordinarily when someone approaches you, you have to ask them a few questions to understand their current situation.

With the right tools, you’ll know who they are, how they’re being served by you, and how you can best help them all at a glance, and be able to reply to them from the window.

Welcome them
Your patrons prefer to text. Give them a number that they can text. Or even better, save them some time and text them their room number, directions on how to get there, and their WiFi password.

Be efficient
When you’re dealing with phone-calls and walk-in traffic, you’re to help one person at a time. Maybe two.

With text messaging, you’ll be much more versatile – serve multiple customers at once. The great thing about SMS over email is that the messages are short – it is much more like a regular conversation.

With modern customer engagement services such as Sonar your entire team will be able to serve incoming requests with ease and speed. Shift changes won’t really affect customers at all – the new shift will be able to pick up from where the previous shift left off.

The great thing about text is that you can reach your guests in a timely manner, without interrupting them. This is ideal for keeping them in the loop about events and activities. You’ll be able to surprise and delight them with last-minute deals and promotions that are unique to their taste.

A quieter lobby
One of the side-effects of using SMS, especially when the only other way is a phone-call may be the reduction of noise in the hotel environment.

For a growing number of people, texting is the most convenient and comfortable way to communicate. Since a large number of people prefer it, it becomes more critical that hospitality companies get in board – after all, reaching people on their most preferred channel builds strong and lasting relationships.

With Sonar, you’ll be able to provide an even greater concierge experience than traditional channels. Try it free for 14 days here. To get in touch, send us an email, or text us at (510) 270-4147.

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