Why Twilio Is Better With Sonar

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 4.27.00 PM“Your Uber is arriving now.” The text message you receive right before a Prius pulls up. If this experience sounds familiar, odds are you’ve had an encounter with Twilio. Twilio has phenomenally changed the way we interact with web apps and services by acting as a software layer for phone calls and text messages. Through Twilio, businesses can connect to carrier networks and trigger simple messages for their customers.

Sonar is built on Twilio’s platform. While Twilio can be used to create a wide-range of applications to address a variety of tasks, including making and receiving calls and text messages, it can’t do everything. If you’ve struggled with Twilio in the past, or are currently managing a Name Your Platform + Twilio combo, we feel your pain. We’d like to take you under the hood and show you a few ways Sonar can make your experience with Twilio much different, and much better:

Long Code vs. Short Code

Our customers often ask us about long codes (ie. +1 510 270-4147) vs short codes and which they should use. Short codes (ie. 43322) optimize for deliverability, however they are extremely costly ($15k-30k per year in the U.S.), have a long approval processand can be perceived as a “spammy”. Most customers are sometimes not even aware that they can respond to a short code. We recommend that if you plan to conduct two-way communication with your customers, save the money and, go long. If you’re just looking to send one-way messages at high volume, stick with the short code. At Sonar, we’ll support both and bring you expertise on both areas.

Dealing With Multiple Numbers

Another big pain point for companies built on Twilio as a standalone API is the difficulty behind managing multiple phone numbers. In working with Twilio, you will learn that you have to acquire multiple phone numbers in order to handle the volume of customers you’re trying to serve. Carriers often block numbers when they see disproportionate customer-volume ratios. If you think about it, 10,000 message interactions from one phone number in a given day does seem a bit superhuman and suspicious. In other words, carriers can shut you down any time they want if you do something that could be considered spam or artificial. We’ve had companies come in to use our software because they realized over 70% of their text messages were being blocked by carriers. In order to prevent this from happening, Sonar has developed a smart algorithm that purchases and manages new phone numbers for you. On the customer side, the original phone number they text with remains constant and “sticks.” This way, your customers always see the same number for your company. We call these “sticky numbers.”

Managing Customer Expectations

Twilio is designed for one way, automated messages. This is cool and all, until you want to keep the conversation going with an interface. Sonar helps you have two-way conversations with your customers on an beautiful, fast, easy-to-use interface, all the while adding tools (canned responses, away messages, mass messages) to help you automate as much as possible. Working with international customers? We’ve got you covered. We built a country matching feature into our platform so when it’s time to message your favorite customer in Ireland, your customer will receive the message from an Irish number and actually want to text you back.


Twilio has made a name for itself in the business world and we’re excited to expand upon the Twilio experience with our platform and algorithms. There are relationships to be built and money to be earned in the online communications marketplace.

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Sonar Supports SMS and Facebook Messenger

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If you’d like to learn more about how to text your customers in the best way, feel free to start a conversation with us.

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