Sonar + Zendesk: Mass Message And Chat With Your Customers In Zendesk

Sonar Zendesk Integration

At Sonar, we’ve many seen companies successfully onboard, activate, and convert their customers through mobile communication channels such as SMS and Facebook Messenger.

Today, we’re giving companies an efficient way to manage their entire communication workflow through our integration with Zendesk — the helpdesk software solution for over 94,000 companies worldwide.

What it means for you

Managing customer conversations in multiple platforms is complicated. We believe conversations with your customers should be effortless so that you can give people the same level of service no matter what channel (email, SMS, FB messenger, tickets) they use to contact you.

With our Zendesk integration, you’ll be able to:

  • Manage your mobile messaging channels (SMS/MMS, Facebook Messenger) the same way as you already do with email within Zendesk
  • Have agents work in Zendesk without needing to switch to another app or window to send SMS
  • Automatically create tickets in Zendesk from incoming messages in Sonar
  • Live ticket updating in Zendesk and Sonar (no data discrepancies!)

As a Sonar customer, you can:

  • Send mass messages to your customers with A/B testing capabilities
  • Feel confident in delivering SMS messages with our high deliverability rates
  • Receive regular 1-on-1 mobile messaging strategies and best practices from our experts – we’re here to help you!


If you’re currently a Sonar customer on our Accelerate plan – good news, the Zendesk integration is included in your plan!

If you’re not currently a Sonar customer, schedule a demo with us and we’ll custom install our Zendesk Integration to your existing workflow to create the ultimate communication experience for your customers and agents.



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Artificial Intelligence Bots are on the Brink of Something Big

AI Article

It’s a familiar voice we all know far too well. 

“If you know the extension of the person you would like to reach, you may dial it at any time. Press 0 to speak with a representative. For all other callers, please listen to the following options: for account information press 1, for questions about a product you purchased press 2, for…”

The experience is a nightmare. It’s 2016 and messaging is evolving as the next platform for conversational commerce. Not only is texting useful and practical, it is also the most personal form of digital communication.

Right now, there are nearly 7 billion people with mobile phones in hand, totaling about 95.5% of the world’s population. With an open rate of 98% for SMS messages, Silicon Valley investors are finding it hard to ignore the space. What once drew headline conversations for “cloud” or “cloud-based services” is now being replaced by buzzwords like “artificial intelligence” “messenger” and “chat bots.”

So what does artificial intelligence mean for mobile messaging, and how can the technology benefit your business?

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ECommerce and SMS: A Case Study of Bohemian Guitars

Let’s talk about Bohemian Guitars: bImage of Bohemian Guitareautiful, resonant, unconventionally artistic guitars made of oil cans that are one of Indiegogo’s hottest campaigns right now. Born three years ago as Adam and Shaun‘s basement project, the company has become a full-scale manufacturing operation. Behind this growth is strong demand and behind the amazing sales conversion metrics is SMS.

Shaun Lee, co-founder of Bohemian Guitars
Shaun Lee, co-founder of Bohemian Guitars

Last week, I spoke to Shaun Lee, co-founder and Chief Manufacturing Officer of Bohemian Guitars. I asked him what inspired the idea of closing sales over text. Continue reading

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Introducing Sonar 2.0


Conversational interfaces (mobile messaging platforms) are the future of how companies will communicate with customers. This is why we started Sonar and this is where the world is heading. Most mobile messaging platforms are not quite there yet, but SMS in its’ beautiful simplicity is a great channel to offer this interface to customers (Facebook Messenger is almost there). If you aren’t already offering a way for your customers to reach you over SMS or other mobile messaging platforms, what are you waiting for?
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Susie takes the worry out of meal-planning. Just text her!

We’re excited to see more companies using SMS to deliver high-touch, personalized experiences.

tldr; Go to, give Susie your phone number, and let her take care of your meals. She’ll take care of everything by SMS!

Susie seems like yet another food delivery service, but how many services learn about you and what you need to eat? Susie is all about making those nights where you can’t decide what to eat, disappear. There’s no app, there’s no menu, there’s no choosing and thinking about what you want.

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