Announcing the New Sonar Analytics Dashboard to Improve Customer Service


We believe communication between businesses and customers should be personal, quick, and responsive. Businesses should know who their customers are and understand their history of interactions. Customers want to communicate with agents who are knowledgeable and can help them to resolve their problem or request.

It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience (Business Intelligence, 2016). For 78% of customers, competent service representatives lead to a happy customer experience and for another 38% it’s personalization (Genesys Global Survey, 2009). Due to poor customer service, businesses are losing $62 billion per year, up  $20 billion since 2013 (NewVoice Media, 2016).

Customer conversations on messaging channels are maturing and the need for keeping customer’s satisfaction is higher than ever.  Companies need to do more with less and keep agent productivity high, thereby reducing business costs. All of this prompted us to build powerful analytics functionality.

We’ve revamped the Sonar Analytics dashboard to showcase rich, real-time data, providing highlights on key metrics and insights to increase customer engagement and satisfaction, manage and monitor team performance, and optimize staffing.

We’re excited to present the newest version of Sonar Analytics dashboard, which includes:


  • Time to First Response – Time to First Response is directly linked with Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Scores. A view into this metric will allow you to reduce it, thereby growing customer lifetime value.

  • Time to Close – aka Time to Resolution gives you insight into how long it takes for your team to help a customer. Improving this metric increases your team’s efficiency and customer happiness.
  • Agent Leaderboard – The all-new Agent Leaderboard lets you manage and monitor your team’s performance. See the number of customers messaged, messages sent, and conversations closed by each of your support reps. This data will help you figure out what some team members are doing right and teach others!
  • Active Customers – Monitor customer demand by knowing how many Active customers are messaging you on an hourly basis. This will tell you when to add more agents and resources to your staff during times where customer activity is high.
  • Breakdown of Messages by Customer Properties – Improving the customer experience relies on identifying patterns and improving processes. Discover which types of customers are messaging you most or least. This will help you determine engagement levels across your customer base and the customer service needs of one customer set over another.


The new Analytics dashboard is currently available for all Sonar users on the Growth plan or above. If you’re a current Sonar user, take a tour of our new Analytics dashboard. 

Haven’t signed up for Sonar yet? Try Sonar for free and learn how we can help your business improve on customer experience and team performance by communicating with customers on messaging channels they prefer.

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