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There are hundreds of educational and e-learning companies out there today. So what makes yours stand out? For starters, having a centralized, mobile strategy is a must. Being able to text, send out drip-messaging campaigns, and schedule academic meetings all from one communication platform is why companies like TestMax Prep and StudySoup have chosen Sonar to improve their customer engagement and retention. 


Texts > Email and Phone Calls

Text is king, especially when targeting a younger audience. One of the most frequent comments we hear from our educational partners is how their students prefer text and are more likely to respond rather than by email or phone. Our partners have seen engagement rates more than double versus the standard outreach methods. Schedule drip messaging campaigns to follow up on a no-response or a no-show. Drip messaging has been a staple for Sonar for years and is one of our most heavily-used features by our educational partners. Schedule meetings from within a text using Calendly, Google Calendar, or custom scheduling integrations to have your students immediately book a time on their preferred communication device. Streamline the process and make it easier for your students to grow their academia.

Utilizing a text strategy, our partners receive a large number of responses. To manage an influx in response volume, we build intelligent bots custom for your company, which interact with students and prospects, tag important keywords and intent, answer commonly asked questions, and hand the conversation off to a sales rep. This process has led to an incredible spike in the number of meetings reps are setting with qualified leads, in addition to total sales and revenue.

Ensure your educational or e-learning company is keeping up with the technology standard students expect. Not a believer yet? Check out these stats from our educational partners!


Partner Stats

  • TestMax increased engagement 400% after using text compared to their previous approach of lead conversion by email and phone calls.
  • StudySoup qualified and converted 4x more prospects with fewer resources and increased engagement from 20% to 70%.
  • Revolution Prep was able to book 5 meetings per rep within the first couple hours of launching a 1,600 person campaign.
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