Custom Roles & Permission Series Part 3: Sales Managers

Organizing your team members’ permissions in Sonar according to their specific roles has been proven to help drive revenue and growth. Using Custom Roles and Permissions enables each team member to focus on tasks that only pertain to their job description. In this 4-part series, we will go over common team roles and what their role-based access controls (RBACs) should look like in Sonar.


Sales Manager

A sales manager requires similar skills as a sales rep, but they are likely not selling/managing a software product. Instead, they are managing the sales reps, answering any questions the reps may have, and assisting on deals that need more “manpower” to get it across the finish line. Sales managers are sometimes required to negotiate the price and ultimately sign the closing documents. They also engage in upselling or cross-selling accounts and finding new use cases or channels for growth. Lower-level duties include assigning sales territories, setting quotas, mentoring the sales team, and building a long-term sales plan.


In Sonar

A sales manager needs to have access control to the majority of Sonar in order for them to assist with any questions or problems a sales rep or SDR might have. Therefore, sales managers should have full privileges over the customer, message, canned responses, and follow-up strategy controls. This will give the manager all the access they need to be successful when managing a team of Sonar users. They will have almost full control over campaigns, minus the ability to delete a campaign. When it comes to company functions, the manager can add/invite new users to Sonar, manage customer properties and message tags, and manage the roles and permissions of team members. Of course, they will be able to view all Sonar threads, utilize the search capabilities, and have access to billing settings.

Below is what a typical Sales Manager should have access to in Sonar:

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