Sonar Wins Multiple G2 Awards!

Sonar is extremely proud to be the recipient of numerous G2 spring awards. Sonar was awarded the Easiest Setup, Most Implementable, and Highest User Adoption across multiple categories such as SMS Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Lead Capture, and Conversational Engagement. We were also named a Leader in the SMS space for the second consecutive quarter, another testament to our product offering and platform. 


Sonar is determined to continually improve every single day. We work around the clock to deliver the enterprise software our partners use everyday to facilitate business processes in a new-era of sales and marketing strategies. 


This is just the beginning, as SMS Marketing is still in its infancy. We are not just a basic texting solution. Sonar is an all-in-one platform that combines the latest in artificial intelligence, sales and marketing features, operations support, and a direct channel to consumers. The way companies reach and engagement with their customers has drastically changed, especially within the last year. Sonar is on the forefront of the SMS Marketing revolution. Join us today by visiting our website or filling out a demo request to learn more!

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