Send Text Messages From Inside Salesforce

At Sonar, we strive to provide more benefits and features for our partners to alleviate some of the complications of the sales process. Today, we are delighted to introduce a brand new feature that integrates with Salesforce and makes it easier to manage relationships with your contacts over mobile messaging: the Salesforce Text Messaging Plug-in. 

Most teams implement a wide range of sales enablement software. A sales agent can waste hours needlessly moving between disparate solutions to gather data and information in order to communicate with a customer over text messaging. It can become complicated having to search across multiple platforms to find a contact in your CRM, determine the last time you spoke, remember what your communication was about, verify if they have legally opted in to receiving text messages, then opening up your business text messaging platform to start the conversation. No more!

You get all the functionality of Sonar’s text messaging platform and tagging capabilities straight into your main sales tool. tweet

With Sonar’s new Salesforce Text Messaging Plug-in — the most powerful and feature-rich text messaging integration available for Salesforce today — you can seamlessly communicate via Sonar across text messaging channels from inside Salesforce! No longer will you have to bounce around from one tool to another to conduct your business needs. The plug-in is an extension of Sonar placed conveniently alongside your contact page inside Salesforce. It simultaneously syncs your contact’s number, conversation history, and properties directly into both Salesforce and Sonar. You get all the functionality of Sonar’s text messaging platform and tagging capabilities straight into your main sales tool.

The implementation process is easy. Simply add the Sonar Text Messaging Plug-in to any of your Salesforce contacts, and click the number associated with that contact to populate your chat history and various information archived from Sonar. Work directly in your Salesforce CRM without needing to leave the program to communicate with your customers. It’s that simple!

We take pride in streamlining the way you interact with your customers. It is our mission to keep building out features that our partners deem important to help grow their business and improve their sales processes. We are continually building features to expand our capabilities, so check back in soon to see the latest updates on how we make business text communication personal, at scale.

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