Does Your Educational or E-learning Company Have a Mobile Strategy?

With a custom mobile strategy, your institution can recruit, enroll, and retain more students. Over 50% of students report that text conversations are more meaningful and a better way to maintain contact (vs. phone and email)¹. By communicating with younger demographics on their preferred device, it becomes effortless to share relevant school information, showcase personalized areas of academic interest, and discuss specific opportunities per student. It’s possible to attract and nurture more students with a strategy that incorporates powerful features like Sonar’s automated Campaigns and Follow-Ups. 

Campaigns are not only a great way to increase engagement, but they are proven to result in  higher enrollment rates and decreased no-shows. You can even take it further with options for scheduling tutoring sessions or meetings from within a text! Utilizing Soanr’s scheduling integrations removes pain points from your customer journey.

Speaking of pain points, one of the biggest for the educational industry is no-shows. No-shows not only waste company time, but they have a major influence on the retention rate of students and their lifetime customer value.  The best deterrents for no-shows are automated scheduling and follow-up reminders that confirm and remind students of their meetings. Sonar has solved these exact problems for a myriad of partners in the educational/e-learning space. Stop no-shows from the start by using a mobile communication platform built for the education sector! 

Reducing no-shows is just the beginning! Let automation handle rescheduling, frequently asked questions, and notifying important testing dates or assignment deadlines. Don’t just talk to one prospect at a time on the phone when you can converse with hundreds at once!

Increased response rates and student engagement, all while decreasing appointment no-shows. This is why Sonar has become one of the most preferred texting platforms in the educational industry. 

¹ Teens and Mobile Phones Report, Pew Research Center

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