Sonar Launches Brand-New Website!

When we started Sonar in 2014, our goal was just to help businesses text with their customers across SMS and Facebook Messenger. Now, we boast one of the largest functionality suites of any SMS provider with features such as intelligent chatbots, drip messaging campaigns, workflow automations, and much more. As our business has expanded, so has our brand. We have transformed from a text messaging service to a marketing automation and sales platform for your mobile strategy. As we evolved and grew out the platform, we needed a site to better serve as the face of Sonar, encompassing all of the solutions and benefits we now provide.


Today, we are proud to announce the launch of Sonar’s brand-new website. Our new site highlights the most valuable features, solutions, and benefits we provide to our partners. This is a significant step for Sonar, as we are quickly becoming a leader in the text messaging and mobile marketing field. The new site comes with an updated color palette and a small touch-up of our beloved whale logo. These initiatives are not only intended to modernize Sonar but also to convey how we are continually working around the clock to provide a better experience and enhance functionality for all of our partners. Our new site truly speaks to the mission and product value of Sonar moving ahead.


As we start off 2020, it is an exciting time for Sonar. We are growing as an organization, expanding our functionalities, and updating our desktop platform and interface. It is our goal to always find a way to better serve our partners. Interested in how we simplify business text messaging? Feel free to contact us to learn more about our offerings, solutions, or company updates!

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