Inside Feature: Custom Roles & Permissions

At Sonar, we continually strive to provide the best enterprise text messaging platform by rolling out features our partners want to see most. To that end, we are excited to unveil Sonar’s brand-new Custom Roles & Permissions feature which helps our Enterprise partners control access for different types of users in their team or organization. With Custom Roles & Permissions, you are now able to grant or restrict functionality based on your team members’ specific needs. 


Custom Roles & Permissions Explained

Businesses usually have complicated means of responsibility and team structures. Employees should only be allowed access to information necessary to effectively perform their job requirements. This is known as Role-based Access Control (RBAC). Sonar’s Custom Roles & Permissions feature provides highly customizable RBAC configurations for admins, making it easy to assign functionality to individuals or for specific attributes. Manage and control the privileges of every feature in Sonar so you have full visibility of your team’s efforts. Align roles with your employees’ positions by designating them access to certain properties. 

RBACs give companies maximum security and flexibility over their organization to ensure there is nothing posing a risk. According to a report by the Research Triangle Institute, the use of RBACs leads to “reduced employee downtime, more efficient provisioning, and more efficient access control policy administration”. Take your compliance and security measures to the next level by utilizing Sonar’s Custom Roles & Permissions feature today.

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