How Can a Business Text Messaging Platform Help Your Company?

At the turn of the century, the internet revolutionized customer relationship management for businesses. Nowadays, there’s a new catalyst: business text messaging communication platforms.

Texting has become a staple of communication in society, especially as the use of phone calling dwindles. According to the Pew Research Center, over 97% of Americans text at least once a day¹. Survey data says that 72% of consumers would prefer to text a business instead of call², and open rates for SMS exceed 95%, with response times under three minutes³. These numbers sound good, but how can a text-based CRM platform really help your company?


Conversations lead to conversions. Focus on helping your sales team build real relationships with consumers with the added effect of having a much higher engagement rate than traditional channels. It’s simple: drive more revenue by reaching consumers on the channels they use the most to communicate. People want to text businesses just like they text friends and family.

The pace of communication has also increased. Customers expect quicker and more efficient service. Businesses are increasingly bombarded by consumers complaining of long wait times and unpunctual communication methods. Over 78% of US consumers say receiving a text message is the fastest way to reach them for important service updates, purchases, and inquiries. Harvard Business Review stated you are seven times more likely to qualify a lead if you respond within an hour. Implementing a text-based communication platform can alleviate much of your team’s stresses pertaining to customer outreach.
Scale with the power of AI, chatbots, and automation. The Human + AI approach means your sales/marketing team can build meaningful relationships with buyers at previously impossible scales. Let AI handle lead qualification, schedule meetings or follow-ups, categorize your prospects, and more so that your team can focus on the most valuable parts of the conversation. Certain SMS SaaS platforms are even built entirely for enterprise use. This means they come with a plethora of functionality. Features usually include integrations into other CRM software, API & webhooks, custom bots, A/B testing, mass campaigns, and the list goes on!


Now, it’s possible to have your own virtual assistant aiding in strategies to improve conversion rates at all sections of your pipeline funnel, without the added labor costs. Take your CRM efforts to the next level by implementing a business text messaging platform to bring your company into the twenty-first century today!


¹ U.S. Smartphone Use Report by Pew Research Center, October 2014
² The State of Video Marketing in 2019, July 2019
³ SMS Marketing Guide for Business, July 2019

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