How Sonar Is Different From Others

There are many business text solutions out there. What makes a great SMS company better than the rest? Here are 5 reasons Sonar stands out from the pack:


Message Delivery

Your employees should have the communication technology they need when they need it. Yet, many messaging apps are unreliable and don’t offer the breadth of features your team needs to schedule follow-ups, share photos, and file attachments. With Sonar, campaigns and messages are intentionally staggered over a period of time to reduce the likelihood of carriers blocking due to spam. Sonar utilizes A2P (application-to-person) protocol for sending messages to improve deliverability rates. We offer toll-free, local, and short code options. We boast some of the strongest deliverability rates in the SMS space. You’ll also be notified if your message made it to the customer’s device with full visibility on the status showing if it’s in queue, sent, delivered, or possibly experienced an error.


Data Security

Data security is a concern for enterprises across all industries. A simple occurrence of lost or stolen data can send your business into a tailspin, creating serious division between your company and its customers. First and foremost, Sonar will never share or send your data to anyone. Period. Data security is one of the most important measures we take. We use SSL, HTTPS, and our database is encrypted. We have implemented some of the heaviest end-to-end encryptions in our platform to ensure consumer protection. We also perform sensitive message deletion where, upon request, we’ll remove sensitive content from messages such as credit card numbers, phishing/illicit content, and other personally identifiable information.


Partner Experience Team (Client Success)

Onboarding with new technology software can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially when there’s no explicit training, dedicated resources, or point-person to advice on best practices. With Sonar, that’s never an issue. Sonar’s world-class partner experience team will be there for you every step of the way. Have a question, comment, or concern? We will respond usually within minutes to find a solution or give guidance. We work with you to craft a long-term mobile strategy and we stick with you along the way to execute that strategy. We want to be viewed as an extension of our customers’ teams. 


Management Control

Admins, directors, and managers need necessary control over the company’s communication system to monitor effectiveness and overall performance. Sonar provides robust analytics and reporting in-app. You’ll be able to analyze specific date ranges, performance of reps and features, message deliverability, and much more. We don’t just stop there. We’ve built out a Custom Roles & Permissions feature, allowing you to manage and control the privileges of every feature/function in Sonar so you have full visibility of your team’s access. With role-based access controls (RBAC), you can easily define access for sales managers, account executives, administrators, and any other custom roles you want. Sonar also allows for property and message tags to better manage your customers. Properties are intended to give you more context on the client/prospect and an easier way to categorize your audience. On the other hand, message tags provide the ability to add more contextual information to your conversations. Properties and tags can be applied by our bots and help train our AI models. 


Compliance Features

Lately, consumer protection has become a very hot topic of discussion, especially when it comes to digital protection of personal data. It can be even more stressful having to learn and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of laws. However, there’s no need to worry because we’ve got your back. We are texting experts and will inform you when laws pass or change. Sonar does everything to ensure our partners remain compliant. 

In the European Union, they implemented a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which took effect in May 2018. Shortly after, the state of California introduced legislation for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) which went into effect on Jan 1, 2020. Both of these policies (GDPR and CCPA) allow consumers to request that their data be removed from any company they communicate or interact with. Sonar is proud to be GDPR and CCPA compliant, as well as follow TCPA guidelines (Telephone Consumer Protection Act). We even have an entire product suite dedicated to compliance. From our Intelligent Timezone Compliance feature to Double Opt-In to Auto-Unsubscribe, we’ve got it covered. 

Check out our website (, or request a demo to see how Sonar is the best business texting solution on the market.

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