Important Message Regarding COVID-19

As you probably know, the world is dealing with a major health crisis. We at Sonar would like to provide an update on what we are doing as a company to help our customers and prospects navigate through this difficult time.


First, we want to express our sincere gratitude to those working the frontlines of this pandemic. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to everyone impacted. We encourage everyone to follow health guidelines, precautionary measures, and remain optimistic. We will get through this health crisis together with the help of everyone working to eradicate this menacing disease.


Second, we are thankful Sonar operates as a remote-based technology company. None of our processes, platform, or daily operations are directly affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. We continue to work at 100% operational capacity. To our existing partners, please reach out to us if you need anything. 


Third, as part of our culture at Sonar, it is important to be empathetic. The ambiguity of how companies will operate during this trying time shines a light on how important timely communication is in our daily life. That is why Sonar is offering our platform to companies in need at a substantial discount in order to facilitate COVID-related communications to employees. It is our goal to get you up and running in as little time as possible, with a seamless and quick onboarding. Please visit our dedicated page if you need help with this use case.


Lastly, we urge everyone to please take precaution, follow all health guidelines, and remain optimistic. We will make it through this crisis together, stronger and more connected than ever before. Sonar is here supporting you through these tough times.

~ Team Sonar 

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