Automate Manual, Arduous Processes of Qualifying Prospects by Utilizing AI & Chatbots

The pace of communication has rapidly increased alongside technology. Customers expect quicker and more efficient service. Businesses are increasingly bombarded by consumers complaining of long wait times, inconsistent service, and unpunctual communication methods. Over 78% of U.S. consumers say receiving a text message is the fastest way to reach them for important service updates, purchases, and inquiries. Harvard Business Review stated you are 7x more likely to qualify a lead if you respond within an hour.


AI, Chabots, & Automation

Implementing a text-based communication platform can alleviate much of your team’s stresses pertaining to customer outreach. One of the best advantages is scaling with the power of AI, chatbots, and automation. The Human + AI approach means your sales or marketing team can build meaningful relationships with buyers at previously impossible scales. Let AI handle lead qualification, scheduling of meetings or follow-ups, routing your prospects, and much more so that your team can focus on the most valuable parts of the conversation. Additionally, thoughtfully designed bots can scale your team quicker since there is no limit to the amount of conversations a bot can handle at any given time. This strategy helps expand the bandwidth of your team by allowing them to converse and tend to many customers at once.


How Do Bots Learn & Grow?

Sonar’s bots are connected to our in-house Machine Learning engine which incorporates Natural Language Processing (NLP) that allows it to continuously learn after each engagement. Contrary to popular belief, chatbots and AI grow and develop as interactions rise. Over time, our customers have been able to fine-tune their bots to quickly and effectively convert more leads than through other standard communication channels. Our goal is to make each bot feel like an extension of your team, aiding daily processes.


Best Practices

When implementing bots, your mobile messaging strategy should state a clear purpose, such as a lead conversion, flash sale, customer upsell, etc. Consumers are more likely to adopt mobile messaging when your strategy has a clear call-to-action. For example, one of our partners saw their conversion rate go from 8% via phone and email to 40% when they utilized a strong text messaging strategy. We even had one bot in particular that went from handling about 20 conversations per day to almost 500 conversations per day by the next week. Chatbots are continuously “learning” to make every engagement even better.


Sonar Tips

  • Using bots for a particular task shows great results
  • Bots help to scale teams more efficiently
  • Lead Conversion is an effective use case for bots and automation
  • Iteration is key for improving bots for future customer encounters    
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