Why Texting Is a Perfect Channel for Businesses to Communicate During These Times

These challenging times have shifted how companies interact and communicate with their consumers and employees. We are all living a new normal, where technology becomes the liaison for how we engage. Mobile communication is now more important than ever. Texting is a great channel to inform your audience, offer promotions, answer questions, send reminders, and much more. Most importantly, it provides a medium with an incredibly high read and response rate, compared to email and phone calls. Today, texting is simply the channel where people live and breathe. Here are some great use cases for business texting in these tough times:


Sales & Marketing

Sonar has deep expertise and robust functionality built out for sales and marketing teams. Companies are all facing the same dilemma: “How can we engage with customers during times of social distancing and physical isolation?”. For starters, mobile device usage has surged recently, as expected. Mobile phones have become the main lifeline of consumers. Companies should take advantage of their mobile strategies, implement texting into business processes, and create a framework for prioritizing texting. Sonar’s artificial intelligence can help aid lead qualification, lead nurture, appointment scheduling, field operations, and prospect engagement/re-engagement. Send out important mass messaging campaigns, automated follow-ups, attachments/files, payment information, and much more. Our platform was intended to be flexible and integrate with almost every major business software technology.   


Field Operations

Being able to reach all of your employees is critical right now. We’ve seen many companies utilize texting to educate and train employees on proper cleaning and sanitizing methods. Texting is great because almost everyone has a phone, with the SMS app pre-installed. WIth so much uncertainty, businesses need a line of communication for emergencies and to facilitate business planning in real time. With Sonar, you can schedule and send automated follow-ups to employees so they understand how to safely operate and are informed with the changing COVID-19 landscape. 


Customer Service & Outreach

Texting is one of the easiest ways for customers to communicate with companies. If a consumer has a frequently asked question, needs help with a problem, or wants to see if a business is open, texting will provide a quick and seamless interaction. You can place Sonar’s chat and ping widgets onto your desktop website and mobile website, respectively, to allow for customers to easily text in. Texting helps expand the bandwidth of your team by allowing you to focus on meaningful conversions, while artificial intelligence can handle inbound requests in a quick and efficient manner. Sonar is great for customer service because our platform can automatically route inbound inquiries based on priority, artificial intelligence can interact and respond to customers without human intervention, and role-based permissions are perfect for team management. 



Sonar simplifies business texting into an intuitive and streamlined solution for large organizations. With a robust feature suite and built-in compliance, it’s a no-brainer Sonar has been named a leader in the SMS space. 


We are dedicated to helping those affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Please reach out to us if your company needs texting assistance. We will provide a quick and seamless implementation, reduced costs, and a dedicated success team. You can read more information on our dedicated COVID-19 page or email us at contact@sendsonar.com.

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