How Texting Helps Companies Keep Workers Informed and Provide Them with COVID-19 Training

Companies across the world are having to prioritize employee and customer safety while still running a business under these difficult circumstances. Ensuring your employees have a channel to reach out to management is utterly important, especially as states open up business again. Text messaging can be used for many different purposes such as serving as a lifeline for employees to immediately communicate with superiors or for organizing updated compliance or health and safety training.  


Among the important topics being discussed by companies right now are how to: a) protect employees and b) protect the public. Across this nation, states are setting strict guidelines for cleaning and sanitation practices as businesses resume operations. No company wants to be responsible for spreading COVID-19 in their establishment. That scenario would be highly detrimental to an organization, their shareholders, and their company image. As businesses navigate thisever-changing landscape, communicating the latestoperating procedures with their employees is crucial. Companies want everyone to feel safe and this requires constant communication as the situation changes daily.


But how can you maintain contact with employees to ensure they are following procedures? You do so by utilizing the easiest channel for immediate communication: texting. Providing text-based training concerning hygiene and COVID-19 preparedness is a prime way to engage with your employees at scale. With texting, you’re able to reach employees on the device with the highest read rate and fastest response rate. With Sonar, you can centralize communication, schedule automated follow-ups, send out daily reminders or instructions, and field questions from employees—all in real-time. Sonar truly makes it easy to implement a dedicated mobile channel for employee communication. 


Sonar is also offering reduced pricing for COVID-19 related communication. Please visit our dedicated page to learn more and get started.


Lastly, we want to thank all essential workers risking their health to care for others or keep our country running. Your hard work is truly appreciated, and we are proud to support your efforts.

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