Automation & AI Business Trends Series: Part 2 – Workflows & Webhooks

It was not long ago when the phrase “artificial intelligence” would bring to mind images of robots, science-fiction movies, lines of code across a computer screen, or even time travel! However, as technology has evolved, so has the way companies have adopted AI to perform tasks and create automated workflows. Think Siri (Apple), Alexa (Amazon), and Google Assistant, which have become integral parts of making our lives easier. The same concept can be applied to texting. SMS is evolving as the amount of money behind mobile channel strategies continues to grow. In this 3-part series, we will examine the top automation and AI trends for SMS.


Workflows & Webhooks


Workflows are a powerful framework that allow you to set up custom logic within your technology software. A workflow process refers to a series of activities that take place in order to achieve a business outcome.

With Sonar, there are no limits to the number of workflows you can create or the amount of steps you can include. Our workflows are built on a foundation of conditions, triggers, and actions. You set the conditions, and our software will handle the rest. Workflows allow Sonar to seamlessly plug into even the most complex processes as well as easily add additional functionality and customization to your Sonar account.


Popular Sonar Workflows

  • Lead Scoring
    • Use information you collect about leads with Sonar’s lead qualification bot or information from your CRM to generate a score for each lead that comes through the funnel.
  • Force Email Notifications
    • Enforces a User’s email notification settings.
  • Assign To Team Based On Property
    • Assign a customer to a team based on specific property settings. Also removes them from other teams that are associated with this workflow.
  • Remove From Teams Based On Property Deletion
    • Remove a customer from teams based on a property getting deleted.
  • Conversion Based On Property
    • Create a conversion event on a customer each time a specified property changes (e.g. to create a funnel as an SFDC-mapped property changes).
  • Add To Campaign Based On Property
    • Add a customer to a Campaign when a certain property is added to that customer
  • Add To Follow-Up Based On Property
    • Add a customer to a Follow-Up when a certain property is added to that customer
  • Send Message Based On Property
    • Send a customer a message when a certain property is added to that customer



Our API and webhooks allow you to integrate Sonar with your internal systems. Webhooks are a way for two applications or servers to talk to each other. We set up webhooks to be triggered when you want an assortment of different actions to occur based on an external event (external from Sonar). These webhooks have business logic executed based on specified actions. For example, we can set up a webhook so that every time a new lead is qualified, it will trigger a welcome or informative message to be sent out in Sonar to the recipient. 


Popular Sonar Webhooks

  • New Unassigned Message can be used if you have inbound messages that haven’t been assigned to an agent
    • Can be helpful to notify an external system of an inbound request
  • Customer Double Opt-In can be used if a customer has opted into receiving texts or opted out of receiving texts.
    • You can notify an external system for record keeping purposes that this customer has opted into receiving text messages
  • Customer Conversation Closed — this indicates the completion of a conversation with a customer.
    • Helpful to know if a customer has an open texting conversation or not
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