Automation & AI Business Trends Series: Part 3 – Cross-Platform Integrations

It was not long ago when the phrase “artificial intelligence” would bring to mind images of robots, science-fiction movies, lines of code across a computer screen, or even time travel! However, as technology has evolved, so has the way companies have adopted AI to perform tasks and create automated workflows. Think Siri (Apple), Alexa (Amazon), and Google Assistant, which have become integral parts of making our lives easier. The same concept can be applied to texting. SMS is evolving as the amount of money behind mobile channel strategies continues to grow. In this 3-part series, we will examine the top automation and AI trends for SMS.


Cross-Platform Integrations

Every company has a different tech stack they utilized to facilitate business. One big challenge these companies face is the inability of their technologies to “communicate and share” information with each other. Being able to translate customer data or performance of another outbound channel across your platforms used to be impossible. This created the infamous term “data silos”, which was a common occurrence for many companies. Nevermore! The evolution of technology has allowed for easy sharing of information throughout your business processes. New software is built to integrate. It is an integral part of business to access information in a streamlined and easy manner. Productivity and efficiency are the key benefactors here. 


Sonar was designed and built to integrate with a broad range of technologies. It is imperative for a consumer-facing channel to be able to share and receive data from other processes. It’s easy to just talk about it, but let’s see some real-world examples.



Zendesk is a leading customer service solution. With our Zendesk integration, tickets can automatically be created in Zendesk from incoming messages to your Sonar number. No additional logins or upgrades are needed! All of your messages and chats will be mirrored in Zendesk as well as Sonar.



Salesforce is the largest, most-implemented CRM platform. It is expected to serve as the source of truth for relationship management with prospects and customers. Sonar knew there had to be a better way to store conversations in Salesforce and add more contextual information to the contact, so, we introduced our Salesforce Texting Plug-in in the fall of 2019. Now, all conversations, customer properties, and new updates are automatically synced between Sonar and Salesforce, streamlining processes and improving efficiency. 



Our Zapier integration allows you to connect Sonar to more than 600 apps that you use every day to automate processes and tasks.. This is a great integration because it’s easy to set up and you won’t need developer resources. 


With this integration, you’ll be able to set triggers based on what happens in Sonar and have Zapier perform actions in another application. For example, when you receive a new message from a customer, it will automatically add them into your CRM. No manual action necessary! On the flip side, you can set triggers based on what happens in another application to create an action in Sonar. This can be seen when adding a new customer into your CRM and Sonar can automatically send a welcome message or informative text to them. 


You might also use the Zapier integration to:


  • Create a help desk ticket in Zendesk whenever an incoming message is received in Sonar.
  • Export Sonar messages into a Google spreadsheet.
  • Automatically send a welcome SMS message when adding a customer in Intercom.
  • Assign an existing customer to a team member when adding a customer in your CRM.
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