Why SMS?

It’s 2020 and surprisingly, one of the hottest customer communication methods is a technology that’s existed since 1992 – text messaging, also known as SMS. With lower costs, improved scalability, and most importantly, the innovation of technology, SMS has become a must-have channel for businesses, especially in an age where the average U.S. consumer checks their phone 52 times a day


SMS Effectiveness

SMS has quickly become one of the most effective channels utilized by sales, marketing, operations, and support teams. With extremely high visibility and conversion rates, texting provides businesses with a communication channel that is both direct and personal. It’s also unique in that it can be used for many different use cases within a single organization. For example, you can text customers with administrative updates such as appointment reminders, follow-ups, or order confirmations. Additionally, it is very effective when used for promotional purposes such as sending discounts or running campaigns. A recent study found that sending three or more texts can increase conversion rates by 328% with a prospect after initial contact has been made. Brands have increasingly found value in SMS marketing due to the higher open, engagement and click-through rates.


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