Benefits of Business Texting

Adding one additional line of communication with customers can reap several benefits. 

Although nothing is likely to replace the power of a phone call any time soon, texting has established itself as the preferred method of communication for a large segment of the population. It makes sense: Texting is fast, simple, and convenient. 

Texting offers a powerful touchpoint for businesses to start a conversation with customers. Our partner,, saw a 400% increase in response rates by adding text to the mix. Consumers have made their preference for texting businesses clear as 85% of people said they prefer to text with a live customer support agent instead of calling or emailing, according to an AT&T report. Additionally, 75% of people said they would find texting as a better alternative to waiting on hold. 


Texting Drives Engagement 

Customers crave experiences that are fast, efficient and easy. Texting is a near-effortless way for consumers to connect with your business, no matter where they are, what time it is, or what they’re doing. Consider a study by FranchiseHelp: The company compared response rates for text and phone when asking customers to verify their information. The company found that texting had a 209% higher response rate than phone calls. Use texting to get your foot in the door with customers and drive conversions throughout the funnel. 


Cater to the Younger Demographic

Text messaging brings in big wins for businesses targeting the millennial demographic — which Accenture predicts will reach $1.4 trillion in buying power in 2020. According to a Harris Poll, 77% of millennials say they’re more likely to have a positive opinion of a company that simply offers SMS capabilities. Texts are convenient, non-intrusive, easy to deal with, and above all, familiar. We text family and friends every day.


Enhance the Customer Experience 

Text messaging has proven to be the single most effective channel for driving customer engagement. AT&T reports that a full 97% of companies that connect with customers via a text-enabled business line said that communications were more efficient. And numerous surveys and studies have shown that with texting, customer response rates were higher and sales conversions increased. Exceptional customer experience is vital, considering that today’s consumers aren’t afraid to move on from a company that isn’t delivering a great experience. When a sales team, marketing department, or call center is set up to interact with consumers via text message, it becomes faster, more cost-effective, and can generate more revenue. Boost productivity and resolution rates with no added staff.


Build Your Brand

Companies that offer texting services to consumers are viewed more positively than those that don’t. A One Reach survey found 62% consumers said they would prefer to communicate with businesses via text. Incorporating text messages into your communication strategy empowers your business to achieve automation with levels of effectiveness that lie beyond the reach of calls and email.


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