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Sonar offers an easy-to-use, no-set-up solution which will enable you to send thousands of messages from a web-based platform in a matter of hours. We don’t just stop there! Sonar goes well beyond basic SMS solutions. We’ve built out a plethora of sales, marketing, and operations features that will elevate your mobile strategy, while keeping you compliant and your consumers safe.

Let’s have a closer look at some benefits of SMS marketing and see why it’s paving a successful path of becoming one of the most demanded and popular marketing strategies ever.


Customers Prefer Texting

Customers love the simplicity and ease of text messaging. Having an open rate of 98%, SMS marketing is way ahead of any other communication method in terms of read rate.
Text messaging is one of the fastest and most direct ways of communication used by billions of people around the world. It is quick, easy and ensures an instant reach to your customers. With text messaging you can always rest assured that your texts won’t go unnoticed or unread. SMS marketing doesn’t require any additional hardware and you don’t have to deal with any new technological developments or anything complex.


Drives Traffic to Websites

SMS marketing can also drive traffic to your website via the link you insert in a text message. Make your links short and relevant to the context of the message, e.g., if you’re offering a discount on a certain product, the link should direct the customer to the page which contains details about that product. Linking to your website does not only enhance your online presence, it’s also a great way of optimizing your SMS marketing campaigns. You can’t include all the details that interest people in a short text message that’s why linking to relevant information is important.


All the above-listed benefits of SMS marketing make the reason for its drastic growth and popularity obvious. Thus, if you want to reach business growth, increase the number of your customers, and improve your bottom line, you should surely go for SMS marketing. It’s one of the most rewarding mobile strategies out there!


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