What is the Power of SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing resembles a hidden gem that’s slowly yet steadily coming out of its shell. It has already managed to become popular among a huge number of businesses and is now known as one of the most fruitful marketing strategies. 


What is the Power of SMS Marketing?

The many benefits of SMS marketing make it the best choice for businesses. Being the latest trend among marketing strategies, text messaging comes with highly effective results, while maintaining affordability.  


Quick Benefits of SMS Marketing:

  • Text messaging campaigns have the highest open rate – nearly 98% of the time your customers will open your messages.
  • As already mentioned, SMS marketing is highly cost-effective, so even if you are planning to send messages to a huge number of people, it will still be affordable.
  • Mobile-friendliness is one of the main advantages of SMS marketing. The use of mobile phones in business is heavily increasing. This means that becoming mobile-friendly will surely increase the number of customers interested in your services.
  • In our era, things are all about speed, convenience and easiness. Text messages reach your customers instantly, leading to an increase of customer satisfaction and faster service times.
  • Another benefit of text message marketing is its automated response function. Depending on the action your subscribers take, you can send messages automatically to their phones that would trigger a series of follow-up replies or actions from your SMS marketing software to engage customers further.
  • Last but not least, your SMS marketing tool will usually give you options for easy segmentation and management of your contact database. This makes SMS marketing a cost-effective business strategy that helps your team hit your SMS metrics.


Choose Sonar

Text messaging offers a variety of ways for boosting your business and generating higher customer engagement. Sonar is an award-winning SMS platform for large companies. To learn more about Sonar’s business texting solution or to get started, visit our website and request a demo today! 

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