Leading Home Security Provider Sees Huge Benefits Leveraging Text Communications

Home Security Provider Overview

This leading home security provider has consistently been recognized for its dedication to security and protection. Recently ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction with Home Security Systems by J.D. Power and possessing over 1 million subscribers, this provider is one of the largest and most trusted home and security companies in the United States.  

Deciding to Incorporate Texting

As an industry leader dedicated to mobile technology and efficient customer service, this company identified texting as an effective way to engage with customers. The product team implemented a multi-channel messaging platform for a new and more efficient way for their customers to connect with the company and its contact centers for all types of assistance. The organization deployed inbound SMS/text messaging, outbound text notifications, and web chat.

Texting offers immediacy and convenience, highly desirable traits when it comes to engaging with providers of security and home automation systems. The requests that this leading company received via SMS were not only urgent, they were also related to recurring support requests. For example, customers reached out to troubleshoot issues with parts and hardware on a daily basis.  

In an effort to measure and continually improve the digital experience, the company automatically sent a short survey at the end of each text message conversation. The survey questions were used to calculate Customer Satisfaction rates (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS). Issuing a satisfaction survey via text instantly yielded a 10% completion rate, which is a 60% increase over surveys delivered over traditional channels.

The home security provider saw a noticeable difference in how customers and agents interacted during just 5 short months and upon converting 10% of inbound phone-based customer interactions to digital messaging. Texting allows customers to have conversations at their desired pace while enjoying an experience that is as familiar as texting with family and friends.


Messaging has dramatically and positively impacted a leading home security provider’s contact center. With 10% of phone calls moved to messaging, the company observed a significant increase in agent productivity. Agents were previously limited with phone calls and could only manage one inquiry at a time. Text messaging, however, allows agents to manage 4-6 unique conversations simultaneously. CSAT scores increased, despite the increase in conversations assigned to each agent, and the provider continued to see satisfaction rates increase while saving on staffing costs.

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