Product Updates – January 2020

A quick overview of enhancements made over the past month:



In December 2019 we launched a new homepage! We want to thank all of our partners for making this possible and sharing their experience with others who might be interested in using Sonar. We hope the new website showcases all of the great results we have seen with partners using automation, chatbots, and advanced integrations to improve results and team efficiency.


For a short period of time between Dec 4 & Dec 6th our GDPR endpoints were returning an HTML 404 page. We resolved that so now the proper JSON error messages are used as the callback.



We included a new endpoint to allow you to unassign an agent from a thread via the API. We will be working on adding this to our Zapier integration in the coming months. Please refer to the documentation for more information.



We have made an enhancement to allow contacts to be assigned to teams. This is done if you want Teams to not see each other’s conversations. The main enhancement we made on this is to allow specific teams to not see any contact that is assigned to no team. Here are the different types:

1) Contact has a property to assign them to a team

2) Contact does not have a property and is not assigned to a team.

Currently, both would be visible to a given team but this new enhancement would only make sure contacts that fit into the first bucket would be visible.


To view all of our product release notes, visit and scroll down to the Product Updates section in the left-hand column.

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