What Are Workflows?

Workflow automation is rapidly becoming an integral part of everyday operations for all kinds of businesses. Businesses should consider workflow automation when there is a repetitive series of tasks at hand. Often these tasks are managed with paper files, spreadsheets, or by email. By creating workflow automation, this process will become streamlined and removes the risk of human error. Some of the most popular benefits of workflows are improving productivity, increasing visibility, creating more work efficiencies, and evenly distributing accountability. 


What Is A Workflow

Essentially, a workflow is a series of repeatable activities or tasks. Workflow automation relies on utilizing a software application that automates, at least to some degree, a process or multiple processes. Sonar Workflows are a powerful framework that allows you to set up custom logic within your Sonar instance. Workflows allow Sonar to seamlessly plug into even the most complex processes as well as easily add additional functionality and customization to your Sonar account.


Popular Sonar Workflows

  • Welcome/Qualification Text
    • If you add a new contact into your CRM, Sonar can automatically send the recipient a welcome message or start an automated qualification process, complete with tagging and routing functions. 
    • All customer properties/information in Sonar will cross-sync with the external software(s). 
  • Streamlined Service Ticket Creation
    • If a customer messages in with an inquiry, Sonar can create a service ticket within a company’s customer service software. 
    • All communication and routing will be tracked and shared across platforms.
  • Lead Scoring
    • Use information you collect about leads with Sonar’s lead qualification bot or information from your CRM to generate a score for each lead that comes through the funnel.
  • Automated Texts
    • Automatically send a text after failed phone call attempt, no response from email, or property change
  • Streamlined Agent Routing
    • Automatic routing based on lead qualification answers, assigned properties, or agent priority
  • Assign Customer/Prospect To Team 
    • Assign a customer or prospect to a specific team based on a property allocated to them
  • Conversion Events
    • Use external conversion events to cancel scheduled automated flows such as drip marketing campaigns and follow-ups
  • Adding To Campaigns & Follow-Ups
    • Add a customer to a campaign or follow-up when a certain property is added to their account


To learn more about Sonar Workflows, please visit our dedicated Workflows page. 

Have a Workflow request? Contact us at contact@sendsonar.com and we’ll make it happen for you!

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