Re-Engage Prospects That Have “Gone Dormant”

Funnel Drop-Offs

Most companies are familiar with the concept of the sales funnel: the flow of prospects as they travel through the stages of a sales pipeline. And at each stage in the process, drop-offs are expected. Within these drop-offs, there’s a percentage of prospects who have just “gone dark”, meaning they are still qualified, but they haven’t moved to the next stage due to lack of responses or action taken on their behalf. This can happen at multiple stages of your funnel. Those are potential customers sitting idle on your radar. How can you get these accounts back and moving through the pipeline again? You implement a mobile follow-up strategy to check up, give direction, and pull them out of the weeds.


With Sonar

Sometimes it just takes one push to get “dormant” prospects back onto the map. With Sonar, you can structure automated, multi-touch text cadences to encourage action and have the responses routed to the appropriate person or team. Sonar makes it simple to create stunning messaging campaigns to send on demand or according to your schedule. Our powerful API handles scheduling a series of events based on customized triggers so your messages get where they need to, when they need to. Sonar offers comprehensive user data so you can track responses and engagement rates.

Texting offers the highest engagement rates of any communication channel, with over 98% read rates. So, utilizing a mobile follow-up strategy can drive more conversions and, ultimately, more revenue compared to any other communication channel. Organize your sales operations with a dedicated platform capable of handling all your information.

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