Business Texting is Becoming the Preferred Communication Channel By Customers

Compared to other marketing mediums, SMS is immediate — text messages are delivered instantly to personal devices. As consumers are bombarded with noise from emails, direct mail, and voicemails, text messaging allows for a quick, simple, and personal way to communicate. Here are some quick stats surrounding business texting:


  • 64% of consumers with texting capabilities would prefer to use texting over voice as a customer service channel.
  • 44% of consumers with texting capabilities would prefer to press a button to initiate a text conversation immediately, rather than waiting on hold to speak with an agent.
  • 77% of consumers with texting capabilities aged 18-34 are likely to have a positive perception of a company that offers text capability.
  • 81% of all consumers agree that it is frustrating to be tied to a phone or computer to wait for customer service help.

Source: Harris Poll, “The High Demand for Customer Service via Text Message”


Open rates for SMS are extremely high at 98%—and 90% of the time they’re read within three minutes of receiving. This creates a valuable opportunity to connect. Delivery a personalized experience that is relevant for each customer. Make sure your business is taking advantage of real-time data and AI to tailor each customer’s marketing and optimize campaigns with tracking and reporting. 


Sonar can help your company with all the above. Sonar is an award-winning business texting platform giving companies the ability to communicate digitally and facilitate business processes. We make SMS easy by delivering a simple and intuitive solution, aimed at elevating mobile communication between a company and their consumers/field employees. To learn more about Sonar or to get started, visit our website today!


Key Attributes of an SMS Platform:

  • Creating and implementing SMS marketing campaigns, from strategy to design    
  • Leveraging existing outreach and engagement channels for a comprehensive marketing approach 
  • Analyzing data to identify trends in response rates
  • Helping to create conversions throughout all stages in the sales funnel   
  • Evolving campaigns based on analytics to shape future outreach and increase ROI
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