Business Texting Use Cases

Consumers want to interact with companies and brands via texting more than ever before. If humans love to text in day-to-day life, why wouldn’t enterprise companies consider bringing business texting into their arena? Understanding consumers’ communication preferences can position companies to better serve their customers and provide options to enhance their overall experience. A recent Harris Poll indicated that 64% of consumers would prefer using texting to voice as a customer service channel. 


Here are some potential use cases for business texting:

  • Inbound Communication 
    • Open up an SMS channel to communicate with your consumers and prospects on their preferred device. Regardless of the scenario, texting can help get answers or issues addressed quickly, allowing companies to be more accessible to consumers. The SMS channel is highly scalable while keeping costs down. Additionally, utilizing artificial intelligence and automated workflows can create productivity and efficiency increases.


  • Prospecting/Lead Qualification
    • Route prospects through a customized conversation flow for lead qualification, saving time and effort. Once a prospect opts-in, an account will be created and updated with information tagged by artificial intelligence. Reps engage with the leads, utilizing canned responses, SMS campaigns, follow-ups, customer segmentation, and more!


  • Automated Follow-Ups
    • Utilize custom drip campaigns — automated text messages scheduled to be delivered based on selected times or specific user actions. With follow ups, you can create custom, automated cadences that will “follow up” with consumers who forget or don’t initially respond to messages. When a lead or prospect replies, they will be removed from subsequent follow ups and escalated to a sales person.


  • Smart SMS Number Placement 
    • A company can place messaging capabilities on a product, in a store, on a website, or other key areas to encourage consumers to engage via text messaging. In most instances, a company won’t even have to change their business number.


  • Offers at Point-of or After Sale
    • Companies can increase sales by providing text offers such as coupons, promotions, and loyalty programs to consumers, whether it’s online or in-store. Interacting with a prospective customer during a purchase decision can deliver high value results, including new customer acquisition and increased customer loyalty.


  • Customer Service Support
    • Give your consumers the ability to resolve their issues via text instead of waiting over the phone. Consumers can text in or send a picture for immediate resolution. A customer could also schedule a call-back at a later time via text if the wait-time is too long. By allowing the consumer to engage in the moment, a company will benefit with increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.


Interested in business texting? Learn more about Sonar and our platform by visiting our website or request a demo to get started today!

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