Create a Seamless Scheduling Process For Your Customers and Prospects

Create a seamless scheduling process that positively impacts your customers and prospects. For sales teams and organizations, scheduling meetings is crucial to their business goals. They don’t have time to waste and they need to get customers/prospects scheduled while they’re interested to increase the chances of a deal and improve customer satisfaction. But once the meeting is booked, there is still work to be done to make sure those meetings go off without a hitch—on time and with everyone prepared. 


That’s where Sonar has been able to help its customers through the Calendly integration.One Sonar customer, a leader in online matchmaking, didn’t have a problem scheduling calls, but their leads would often forget they had scheduled in the first place! This increased no-show rates, which could be detrimental to their team’s sales goals. Now, they no longer have to spend time manually following up to avoid no-shows. Sonar automatically sent reminders when users made arrangements with no manual effort needed whatsoever! 


Another Sonar client,, faced a similar challenge. They worked so hard to qualify leads, but risked losing those leads when a prospect failed to show up for a call with an agent. 


Similar to SaaS companies focusing on retention because it is cheaper to retain a customer than acquire a new one, Realtor began using Sonar and Calendly to focus on sales pipeline retention to keep the leads they had already gotten in the door. With Sonar and Calendly integrated, sales teams have a completely automated process that yields higher attendance rates with less time wasted manually following up with each prospect before the big meeting.

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